What DJstuff Is All About….

Welcome to our DJstuff Music Mix… a resource for DJs & music lovers everywhere!

I was around in the beginning… As a radio DJ, I did a Sat. night Record Hop for 5 years. A friend of mine asked me if I could do DJ dance party in a club… I said, “of course” & the rest is history… we opened our 1st  European supperclub, Bobby McGees, in Scottsdale, AZ Dec. ’71… my first trip abroad to visit clubs in Barcelona & Majorca in early ’72.

Over the next 12 years, we opened 15 more restaurant/dance clubs in Arizona, Texas, California, Hawaii, Colorado & Alaska & a European style disco, Mable Murphy’s in Scottsdale.  We were the 1st successfiul US food/dance chain. Along the way, I became VP of Marketing & Entertainment responsible for all DJs, music programming & beverage sales while traveling & working all of our clubs.

I also became a quasi-consultant… working with friends to create clubs in Vancouver, BC & in Cincinatti with Weingartner/Hammonds for Holiday Inns. 

In 1983, I decided to retire from Bobby McGees, so I sold my stock, walked away & became a full-time consultant. Since then, I have worked for over 100 food/beverage/hospitality clients… in US, Canada, Caribbean & Iceland including the US military club system.

Also, 1983… became afiilliated w/ Nightclub & Bar Magazine (industry articles) & their yearly Las Vegas industry Trade Show (speaker/seminars/workshops). Am a charter member of the Advisory Board that was created to give direction to the magazine & trade show. http://www.nightclub.com.

Was part of a small group of DJs worldwide who began to share music on the Interent in the late 90s, early 2000s…. from that, was recruited by Real Networks to join the Alpha team that created the 1st Internet Jukebox Player.

Over the years, I’ve presernted my DJ shows to folks in over 35 clubs in 17 states, Canada & the Caribbean.

In 1995, began creating websites for myself & others. digitalDJstuff.com was created in December, 1995 & continues today as my love along with the worldwide DJ & dance music scene. Thanks to folks like you, we get about 150K hits a month on this site.

Look around this vast resource site… kick the tires, jump on board… but, most of all, do enjoy the ride…. Stay well, Ray Ford (DJstuff)