Electro Shock Therapy 2.3

One of those dark room, headphones on, altered states kind of adventures. So as not 2 get 2 serious,we had a good time goin’ Old Skool Electro/Techno & poking respectful fun at Benny Benassi, Dennis Ruyer, UFOs & other stuff. Njoy the ride…. DJstuff

Electro Shock Therapy 2.3 from DJstuff at Letsmix.com

Electro Shock Therapy 2.3 from DJstuff at Letsmix.com.

5 Responses to “Electro Shock Therapy 2.3”

  1. Ray Ford Says:

    Hey, check this out…
    I love Electro/Techno music. It’s great for adding NRG in the club and, it’s really fun to listen to while working on the computer, in the car on the way to or from a gig, or… in a dark room, lights off, kicked back in that easy chair, headphones on, altered states… so you can just drift off into your own space & become immersed in the moment…
    My latest mix is all of that… Electro/Techno with a taste of Trip Hop. Programmed just for personal “me” time… Sooo, break off those beats & feed your head !!.
    Do enjoy the ride… DJstuff

  2. Daniel Says:

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  3. Juishjuspep Says:

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  4. 2012 needs some new music…. I respect all the artists pushing to go big this year, I know there millions of us out here…

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